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"Product Excellence Program" is being introduced in NX11.0.1 and is being 
turned ON by default for users. 
It is available in Customer Defaults as follows: 
File -> Utilities -> Customer Defaults -> Gateway -> General -> 
Miscellaneous -> Product Excellence Program. 
What information is send by "Product Excellence Program"


 Here is some information about "Product Excellence Program".

Privacy statement 
The Product Excellence Program helps Siemens PLM Software understand how 
customers use our products and assists us in improving our products. The 
program is anonymous and participation is voluntary. 
The Product Excellence Program is designed to protect the privacy of the 
user and the intellectual property created through the use of Siemens PLM 
Software products. 

How does it work? 
The Product Excellence Program is used to collect data about your 
installation, the features you use and how you use them. The data is sent 
to Siemens PLM Software for analysis. By examining usage patterns from a 
large number of people, we gain insight into how the products are used and 
how to improve the software in future releases. Data collection occurs in 
the background as you use the software and does not affect performance or 

What data is sent? 
The data collected can vary by product and by release as we gain more 
insight or add new capabilities. The Product Excellence Program may collect 
information on the functions utilized, the operating environment (e.g. OS, 
RAM, graphics, etc.), product version, or other indications of user 
interaction. This data is solely for use by Siemens PLM Software to improve 
our products and is never shared with any third party. 
There is no contact information in the data and Siemens PLM Software will 
not contact you by phone or email as a result of the data collected. 
Absolutely no information about the data you create or manage is collected. 

Participation is optional. 
You can review and control your participation at any time by using the 
Product Excellence Program options settings in the customer defaults.

"Product Excellence Program" does not collect part file names, user names, 
machine name, directory paths, or anything else that can identify a user or 
compromise the customer’s data or intellectual property. Only basic usage 
information about the operating environment and the application are 
collected. The data is sent via HTTPS in a manner that will not interfere 
with application performance. The data is sent at certain intervals.

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Hardware/Software Configuration

Platform: all
OS: n/a
OS Version: n/a
Product: NX
Application: GATEWAY
Version: V11.0.1

Ref: 002-7009545

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