Solid Edge Why am I getting a Duplicate Part Document warning message in Solid Edge assembly?




Why am I getting the following Duplicate Part Document warning message in Solid Edge assembly?

Duplicate Part Document:
The part you want to place has the same name as a part document in the same folder as the assembly document. The part that exists in the same folder as the assembly will be placed automatically.
Click OK to continue or click Cancel to stop placement and rename your document.


This warning occurs when a user has different parts with the same name in two different paths/folders. 

A top level main assembly cannot have two part files of the same file name from two different paths/folders. 

For example, if you check for 'carrier.asm' from the Solid Edge training folder.

C:\Program Files\Solid Edge ST9\Training\carrier.asm 
|--C:\Program Files\Solid Edge ST9\Training\chead.par 
|--C:\Program Files\Solid Edge ST9\Training\Splate.par 
|--C:\Program Files\Solid Edge ST9\Training\mtgpin.par

(Try to insert a part of the same name from different path/ folder, will get warning message) 

|--C:\Program Files\Solid Edge ST9\Training\Test\mtgpin.par

As the carrier.asm already has a part as "mtgpin.par" from 'C:\Program Files\Solid Edge ST9\Training' folder; it will show the 'Duplicate Part Document' warning if the user tries to insert part of the same file name "mtgpin.par" lying down under different folder i.e. 'C:\Program Files\Solid Edge  ST9\Training\Test\mtgpin.par'.

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Platform: INTEL
OS: windows
OS Version: 10_1809
Application: ASSEMBLY
Version: V109.0
Function: FILE

Ref: 002-7009499

KB Article ID# PL7009499



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