NX X Why does coordinate tolerance value become +ve in the -ve position of PCS

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After Link to PMI for the ordinate dimension is executed, the nominal value of 
coordinate tolerance becomes positive even though the dimension exists in the 
negative position of PCS.


 NX CMM takes its nominal value directly from the PMI; that is it treats the PMI 
values as the master. The lock symbol next to the values are a clue to what is 
going on. The lock circled below indicates that this value comes from the PMI. 
In the model if the value of the nominal is positive for both ordinate 
tolerances , LinkPMI forces the nominal value to be positive.

If the requirement is to get the signed locations (+ve , -ve) we need to change 
this parameter in the PMI ordinate dimensions. The way it is set, all 
directions are positive, meaning that there will be no negative values.

If we change the Positive Direction to User Defined and create dimension will give desired result while executing Link PMI.

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Platform: all
OS: n/a
OS Version: n/a
Product: NX
Version: V1847
Function: LINKPMI

Ref: 002-7009466

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