NX 3Dconnexion SpaceMouse, CadMouse, Driver Conflict with NX

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Varies Widely with Issues in Performance, Selection, Display, Highlighting, etc.


Always install the latest or if already installed, reinstall the 3Dconnexion driver **after** installing a new base release of Siemens PLM NX software.

A wide variety of problems can occur when an existing 3Dconnexion driver is installed, but not upgraded or reinstalled after installing a new base release of NX (NX9, NX10, NX11, etc.).

Conflicts can arise between the 3Dconnexion driver’s binaries that were previously installed for an earlier NX release that does not match the latest installed NX release.

An example of what causes the problems is a conflict between the driver recognizing NX9, while the user has upgraded to NX11. 

While the driver continues to work most of the time, the incompatibilities cause a wide variety of problems that may not start immediately, but days, weeks or months later. The longest unaltered installation of an operating system, NX and 3Dconnexion driver that had a problem manifest was six months.

A few of the problems that can manifest over time are: 

1) NX seems to run slower or hangs when selecting or during mouse movement.
2) selection is offset from the selection point.
3) geometry or shaded body colors look incorrect.
4) highlighting refuses to work even though is it turned on within NX and previously worked.

The simple solution is always install the latest 3Dconnexion driver that recognizes that latest NX installation on the machine **after** NX is installed so that the driver will correctly work with Siemens PLM NX software.

Notes and References

3Dconnexion driver location: http://www.3dconnexion.com/service/drivers.html

This affects all NX releases and all 3DConnexion hardware drivers with no exceptions.

Hardware/Software Configuration

Platform: INTL64
OS: window
OS Version: 10_1703
Product: NX
Application: SYSTEM
Version: V1855

Ref: 002-7009036

KB Article ID# PL7009036



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