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Process Simulate



There are no icons on the standard or ribbon style UI.


You can see: File | Edit | View | Modeling | Kinematics | Operations | Weld | Robotics | CEE | Human | Tools | Help

The boxes under have no icons. Empty areas where the icons should be. 
With some laptops like HP, there is an option in the video screen resolution to change the size of the video from 100%, 125%, 150%. 
Make sure the video is at 100%. Anything else will give you empty icons.

Another Icon problem. Totally different from the one listed above is where the only icon options listed are under the Customize menu. 
The only options available are "Menu Bar" or "Standard". Everything else is not available. 

You need to do, step by step: 
  • Make sure Process Simulate is working. 
  • Exit Process Simulate. 
  • Start Tecnomatix Doctor. 
  • Turn off Welcome. 
  • Start Process Simulate. Make sure it still works. 
  • Close Process Simulate. 
  • Open Tecnomatix Doctor. 
  • Turn off Ribbon Style UI. 
  • Enable Roaming OFF.

Icons should be back.

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Version: V14.0
Function: API

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