Solid Edge Display in Drawing View and Custom orientation window differs




I have an assembly that uses Display Configurations e.g. Config A (showing all 
parts) and Config B (some parts hidden). I create a drawing of my assembly and 
place a view defining Config B using the Drawing View Wizard. The Drawing View 
shows the correct parts corresponding to Config B. I then go into the 
User-defined -> Custom window to orient my view - again the parts of Config B 

I now insert a new part (e.g. Part C) into the assembly but do not hide it and 
neither do I update Config B. I then create a new drawing from the assembly - 
or run the Drawing View Wizard again within the existing drawing - using Config 
B. What appears in the Drawing View window still corresponds to Config B 
(i.e. Part C is not displayed). However if I then go into the Custom window to 
orient the assembly I see Part C. Why does the new part not appear in the 
Drawing View but does in the Custom window?


 Drawing views use the configuration to control display states. The Custom 
orientation uses the last active assembly display. Setting the configuration 
during drawing view placement will not change the display of the Custom 
orientation window. It is there to help understand orientation for view 
placement, not to get a true representation of what the drawing view show/hide 
states will be.

In order that Part C is not displayed you will need to hide it within Config B 
and update the Display Configuration. Now when you run the Drawing View Wizard 
and select the Custom orientation window Part C will not be visible.

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Platform: INTL64
OS: window
OS Version: n/a
Application: ASSEMBLY
Function: DISPLAY

Ref: 002-7008804

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