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When picking a point in a program it automatically sets the externals to zero. Then must manipulate the location and manually drive the external axes to the approximate location and hit "set external axes". This obviously is not very accurate nor very efficient. Is there something being forgotten in the setup of the external axes?


You have to turn on external creation to get the external values assigned when you create a location. Probably have to add the command to Robotics menu.

To set the external axes creation mode:

* Choose Robot tab / More Commands group / External Axes Creation Mode to toggle the external axes creation mode.

* If external axes creation mode is turned on when creating a new via location, external axes values are copied from the existing values of the joint. If external axes creation mode is off, they remain empty.

You'll probably have to use Customize to add this command to menu(s)

Set External Axes Values
The Set External Axes Values command enables you to configure and store the approach values of external axes for robot joints (rails, Servo Guns, etc.).
For Servo Guns, you can also configure the depart values. The external axes are first defined in Robot Properties
at a selected location and when the robot reaches this location, the external axes are positioned at the stored values.

To set the external axes values:
1. Select one or more robotic locations or an operation in the Operation Tree.

2. Choose Robot tab / Externals group / Set External Axes Value's. The External Joints dialog is displayed.

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