Solid Edge Different height of letters in profile text




When you place a text profile in 3D you may wonder why letters are not all of 
the same height.


Not all upper case letters and not all lower case letters are of equal size. 
Nobody wonders about the width being inconsistent, such as why a 'W' is wider 
than an 'I' yet they wonder about the height being inconsistent.

To better understand the behaviour, consider the textsize as a box around every 
single character. These textboxes are put together to form a word or sentence. 
You can imagine that the textbox around a capital 'A' must have the same height 
as a textbox around a small 'a'. The graphics inside these text boxes is not 
always of the same height. It can even overlap the imaginary, surrounding 
textbox. You can best see this effect with fonts like Chiller or Script but the 
same happens with fonts that seem to have a constant height at first sight, 
such as Arial.

If you create a draft, place some text and place two horizontal lines, one 
above and one below the text, you will see different sizes of letters in any 

This is nothing we can influence because true type fonts like Arial, Times New 
Roman .etc. are delivered from Microsoft.

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Platform: INTL64
OS: window
OS Version: 764SP1
Function: FEATURES

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