NX X Properties mapped at Item are locked in TC-NX.

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Properties mapped at Item are locked in TC-NX.

Add a custom property to the Item of BMIDE. 
 property name: t5_PART_NUMBER 
Import the mapping file. 
 {Item type="Item" 
 "PART_NUMBER" : Item.t5_PART_NUMBER /master=both 
o Enter values for the mapped attributes in TC. 
o In NX the attributes are locked.


 Properties mapped on Item Level are one way and cannot be edited from NX. 
Whereas properties mapped on Item Revision Level are modifiable and can be 
edited from NX provided we have /master=both defined in the mapping file. 
It makes sense to have them read only in NX in case of Item level attributes, 
because an Item can contain many Item Revisions and each Item Revision can have 
its own UGMASTER dataset and each UGMASTER can have different values for the 
same attribute, which would conflict with the attributes at the Item level.

With TC_NX_allow_attrsync_master_with_item=no the entry /master=iman is a 
designed behavior in case of TC and NX. 
If the preference is not set to 'yes', then automatically changing the 
qualifier to /master=iman is correct because synchronizing from the UGMASTER to 
the Item Master is not supported by default.

Attributes mapped to the Item or any form attached to Items can be synchronized 
in both directions: from Teamcenter to Teamcenter Integration and from 
Teamcenter Integration to Teamcenter. By default, mappings are to the Item 
Revision level, but this functionality allows you to map to the Item level if 
you have properties common to that level. To use this functionality, set the 
following preference: 
This allows you to have multiple Item Revision objects overwrite the values 
stored on the form at the Item level of their parent. This could result in data 
loss or incorrect data at the Item level. For example, Item Revision C 
overwrites Item Revision B for setting attributes at the Item level.

Notes and References

IR 7809479

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Platform: INTEL
OS: windows
OS Version: n/a
Product: NX
Application: NXMANAGER
Version: V9.0.3

Ref: 002-7008627

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