NX X "Invalid Filename" while opening a 4GD workset

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Opening a 4GD workset results in an error message "Invalid Filename", while all required 4GD modules for TeamCenter and NX are installed on the Server and Client side.

Steps to Duplicate:

1. Install TC and NX 
2. Install the additional 4GD modules using the TEM 
3. Set the NX Customer Defaults for 4GD 
 a. TeamCenter Integration for NX 
 tab General 
 Check-out/Check-in Policy: for 4GD this should be set to either  'Automatic Check-out on Save; Check-in 
 on Save' or 'Manual Check-out Required  for Save; Manual Check-in'. 
 b. tab Multiple Revisions 
 Enable Multiple Revisions: for 4GD this should be turned on. 
4. Import the NX templates into TC. 
5. Setup the 4GD data in TeamCenter: 
 a. Create a collaborative design in TeamCenter 4GD module 
 b. Create design elements 
 c. Create a workset 
 d. Create a subset and define recipe rules to include the design elements 
 e. Select the workset and choose "send to NX" from TC or open the file from  NX.

An error message occurs, showing "Invalid filename"

The NX syslog shows the error: 
Errors returned from GetPartIdentifiersFromSpecsForLoadingTopLevelParts 
 TCIN SOA operation object name: xxx 
 Error: 940279, (TC 0): The collaborative design environment needs to 
be enabled for the intended operation. 
Adding load status for xxx - Invalid filename (641020)


To run NX with 4GD enabled the license feature nx_4gd_integration is required. 
In this case the customer has this feature on a test license, but NX was not configured to use this license. 
The license server variable needs to be set to the license including the nx_4gd_integration feature.

Notes and References

reference IR 7663623

Hardware/Software Configuration

Platform: INTL64
OS: window
OS Version: 764SP1
Product: NX
Application: ASSEMBLIES
Version: V10.0.3

Ref: 002-7008429

KB Article ID# PL7008429



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