NX X Why do I get the legacy dialog when editing an Isocline curve in an older NX part?

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When editing an existing Isocline curve in NX, I am prompted with the old style Isocline dialog.


 The Isocline curve function has been re-written for NX11. When editing Isocline curves created in earlier versions we will continue to use the legacy code to manipulate these curves, and thus the legacy dialog.

If you want to edit legacy Isocline curves with the new algorithms you must first convert the data using the new "Renew Feature" command.

Once being recalculated via the Renew command to the newest NX code. editing the Isocline will bring up the new Isocline dialog.

The Renew Feature function applies to many different feature types whose code has been improved. Please see the NX documentation for more details for Renew Feature and its benefits.

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Hardware/Software Configuration

Platform: INTL64
OS: window
OS Version: 1064
Product: NX
Application: DESIGN
Version: V1847
Function: CURVE

Ref: 002-7008427

KB Article ID# PL7008427



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