NX X During placing Custom Symbol Why is the linear dimension changed to assorted parts.

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When user define a driving linear dimension(created between view and sketch)as 
a custom symbol. Then insert the custom symbol and smash it. As a result, the 
linear dimension is changed to "assorted parts".


 Custom Symbol is a container class. It can contain annotation + geometry (like 
curves, points) + Entire sketch. 
And the entire sketch is another container which may contains sketch curves, 
points and dimension. 
When symbol sketch support was provided we & sketch team decided to keep the 
entire sketch as custom symbol member. 
Therefore when symbol is defined by selecting dimension which is associated 
with sketch curve and non-sketch entities, it can neither reside directly as a 
symbol member nor inside sketch. 
This is an ambiguous case and does not fit in the custom symbol algorithm so it 
is converted to assorted part.

On the other hand when sketch has constrained with non-sketch entities, symbol 
framework is not designed to handle this situation. 
In that case sketch curves are converted to basic curves. But this is processed 
in the later stage. 
you can still get rid of assorted part. After defining the symbol , invoke 
symbol editor, delete the assorted part and create a dimension. This time there 
will not be any ambiguity. 
Then finish symbol edit. Now place the custom symbol and smash, you will get 

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Hardware/Software Configuration

Platform: INTEL
OS: windows
OS Version: 764
Product: NX
Application: DRAFTING
Version: V11.0.2
Function: SYMBOL

Ref: 002-7008342

KB Article ID# PL7008342



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