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"Disable Translucency" option does not work if 'Visaulization Preferences' 
setting "Translucency" is OFF

Steps to reproduce the issue: 
1. Create a simple assembly having one child part. In the component create 
a simple block. 
2. In the 'Edit Object Display' dialog Change the 'Translucency' of block 
from 0 to any value for e.g. 50 by dragging the slider bar of 
3. If the setting [Preferences > Visualization > Visual (tab) > General 
Display Settings (group) > Session Settings > Translucency] is OFF. 
4. In the assembly if you turn off the setting [Preferences > Visualization 
Performance > General Graphics (tab) > Session Settings (group) > Disable 
Translucency], the block becomes translucent. 
5. Make the child component displayed part. 
6. Again turn off the setting "Disable Translucency". 
7. Make the assembly as displayed part. 
Note that the setting "Disable Translucency" is turned on automatically. 
Thus the setting "Disable Translucency" doesn't remain off and due to this 
the object is not shown translucent. It becomes opaque.


 To maintain the setting "Disable Translucency" off irrespective of the 
displayed part, you need to turn on setting "Translucency". The settings 
"Disable Translucency" and "Translucency" are synchronized with each other.

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