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ExperimentManager allows for the running of experiments on multiple machines. 
The dialog allows for specifying individual machines. 

Which machine runs a program may be controlled by a cluster manager. The dialog does not support specifying a cluster manager. Therefore, running of the experiments must be controlled programmatically.


The ExperimentManager dialog does not support specifying a cluster manager. It only supports specifying specific machines. Therefore, running of the experiments must be controlled programmatically.

Right Mouse Button on the PlantSimulation desktop icon and select properties. The command line string will be displayed in the 'Target' box.

Example: "D:\apps\Tecnomatix\Plant Simulation 12.0\PlantSimulation12.exe"

In the documentation under 'Setting-Up and Starting > Starting Tecnomatix Plant Simulation > Entering Start Options' the available command line options are specified.

The proposed workflow:

1. Save the experiment configuration to a file. 
2. Send the model and the configuration file to the cluster manager to run the experiment on a machine of its choice. 
3. The command given to the cluster manager will run PlantSimulation with -f and -E options.

 -f <model file> - Start Plant Simulation and open the file 
 named <model file>. 
 -E <>- Get the path to an internal method, 
 e.g. ".Model.Run1.StartMethod" and run this Method.

This method will need to know the location of the configuration file, load the configuration file, write the parameterization to the model, run the experiment and save the results to another file.

Example: D:\apps\PlantSimulation12.exe -f D:\Data\exp_model.spp 
 -E ".Model.Run1.StartMethod"

This can be coded into a BAT file and the BAT file sent to be executed.

Another option would be to use FIle -> Share -> Pack & Go. This function will save the model as a single self-extracting file containing the executable code and the model. This package can also be modified to run a Method on startup.

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Platform: AMD64
OS: window
OS Version: 764SP1
Version: V12.1
Function: ALL

Ref: 002-7008268

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