Simcenter 3D Solutions How to set the history output requests in NX CAE for ABAQUS solver?

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In simulation with time increment, we want to output the field of stress change 

with the time in certain element (which is feasible in ABAQUS CAE with history 

output requests). 

How to do this in NX CAE?


 NX can output both the Field and History output simultaneously, but cannot 

control output requests independently.

1. Click Modeling Objects icon.

2. Set Type as "Abaqus Structural output Requests" in Modeling Objects Manager 

dialog box, then click Create button.

3. In Abaqus Structural Output Requests box, Check the Written into ODB file 

button,then select "Field and History" for Field/History option.

4.Please note you cannot set different requests for each Field/History options



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