NX X Using NXOpen.Annotations.Gdt.GetText in place of ufs.Drf.AskGdtSymbol

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An MESException is thrown when method ufs.Drf.AskGdtSymbolInfo is used to get 
GD&T symbol information. The method NXOpen.Annotations.Gdt.GetText will 
retrieve the information and not throw an exception.


 The error "Unhandled operating system exception: e0434352" is thrown when 
method AskGdtSymbolInfo is used to get GD&T symbol information.

The .Net function NXOpen.Annotations.Gdt.GetText() will get the text and not 
throw an exception.

The code:

UFDrf.GdtSymbolInfo[] symbolInfo; 
theUfSession.Drf.AskGdtSymbolInfo(viewObjTag, symbolOrigin, out symbolInfo); 
symbolText = symbolInfo[0].text_info[0].text


NXOpen.Annotations.Gdt gdt1; 
gdt1 = (Gdt) NXOpen.Utilities.NXObjectManager.Get(viewObjTag); 
symbolText = gdt1.GetText(); 

See example program (Document ID: nx_api5089).

Note: This problem occurs in NX 10. Until the problem is resolved, 
NXOpen.Annotations.Gdt.GetText can be used as a work around.

Notes and References

Hardware/Software Configuration

Platform: AMD64
OS: window
OS Version: 764SP1
Product: NX
Application: SYSENG
Version: V10.0.1
Function: NXOPEN

Ref: 002-7008243

KB Article ID# PL7008243



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