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How to change or modify the categories assigned to parts in Standard Parts?


In order to modify Standard Parts categories you must use the PartEditor tool within the Standard Parts Administrator interface. You must select the Standard Part to be modified, then right-click select Launch 

To be able to use PartEditor to modify the Standard Parts, there are several caveats:

1) Not generated parts cannot be edited. It is just possible to view their properties. Therefore you must generate a part before it can modify its properties.

2) Generated standard parts cannot be edited because they are given read-only status automatically. The read only status can be temporarily removed through Windows Explorer to enable editing.

3) To be able to remove or edit characteristics, a version or category of an edited part must be changed (it is recommended to raise the version). The same applies to visual navigation category.

This is all documented in the Standard Parts documentation  which can be accessed from the following locations:

Install Guide -

User Guide -

There is no bulk editing tool available to en masse change standard parts 
properties or categories. 

Although possible, it is not recommended to modify any of the provided out- 
of-the-box Standard Parts.

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Version: V221.0

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