Tecnomatix PSTC Resources won't copy / paste into empty Stations.

Process Simulate



Unable to copy / paste objects into empty stations in Process Simulate on Teamcenter.


This is because MEStationRevision is defined as InstanceItem in the TcPsMappingConfiguration.xml file.

1. In PSTC, highlight a resource object, and from the main menu, go to Edit --> Copy.

2. In the Objects Tree, highlight an empty Station, and from the main menu, go to Edit --> Paste and see that the Paste option is grayed out. In the TcPsMappingConfiguration.xml, ‘MEStationRevision’ is defined as 


This is a mechanism to tell Process Simulate that objects of this type should NOT be considered Compound objects, even if they don’t have Direct Model JT. PS will not allow the user to add children to such objects. 
The other MEStation that already has children WILL BE considered Compound objects simply because it already has children (the InstanceItem definition is not that aggressive).

The functionality can be modified to allow copy / paste to empty stations as follows: 

     A. Be sure that Process Simulate on Teamcenter is closed, and then launch the Tecnomatix Doctor. 

     B. In the Tecnomatix Doctor, from the main menu, go to Tools --> Teamcenter Mapping Configuration -->
         Process Simulate.

3. In the Teamcenter Mapping Configuration Tool, drill down to InstanceItems --> InstanceItem --> RevisionSubType, and see that the Value is set to MEStation Revision.

4. Highlight InstanceItem, and then pick the ‘Remove’ button in order to remove the element.

5. See that the element has been removed, and then pick OK.

6. Reload Process Simulate on Teamcenter, highlight a resource object, and from the main menu, go to Edit --> Copy.

7. In the Objects Tree, highlight an empty Station, and from the main menu, go to Edit --> Paste. (See that the ‘Paste’ option is no longer grayed out).

8. See that the resource object has been pasted into the empty station.

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Platform: INTL64
OS: window
OS Version: n/a
Version: V14.1.1

Ref: 002-7007907

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