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Mesh mating preview showed more face pairs for overlapped surfaces but created 

MMCs are less than shown by preview.


 MMC Preview shows more face pairs that include overlapped faces. 

In this case the face pair shown by the Preview interests each other. You can 

verify that using Analysis - FE Model Check - "Detect Interference/Clearance" 

operator with value =0 (to locate any intersecting faces in the display). So 

"Preview" is showing what it was supposed to. It is just a hint and not the 

"real" deal

"Preview" does not perform the operation but gives a hint at what user may 

expect. The user has to be educated about the fact that is "Preview" says a 100 

faces, then the chances are high that under "normal circumstances", a 100 mmcs 

would get generated but there are always exceptions.

Using a finer level of tessellation is helpful when you want to ensure that 

software accurately represents the curvature of surfaces in a very thin body. 

In some cases, using the standard resolution for polygon bodies on thin, curved 

(though nearly flat) surfaces from different bodies can cause problems when you 

try to create Mesh Mating Conditions between them.


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