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In the Sheet Metal Preferences, the Bend Definition Method is set to 'Bend 
Allowance Formula'. Yet, when selecting the 'Flange' command, the Neutral 
Factor field is not showing the calculated Neutral Factor from the Bend 
Allowance Formula.

1. In an NX part in the Sheet Metal application, 
 select 'Preferences-->Sheet Metal'. 
2. Select the 'Part Properties' tab. 
3. Toggle the Bend Definition Method to 'Bend Allowance Formula'. 
4. Set the Bend Allowance Formula to: (Radius+(Thickness*0.44))*rad(Angle) 
5. OK the Sheet Metal Preferences dialog. 
6. Select the 'Flange' command. 
7. Expand the Bend Parameters group of the dialog. 
8. Notice the Neutral Factor field is set to: 0.3300 
9. Cancel the Flange dialog. 
10. Select 'Preferences-->Sheet Metal'. 
11. Select the 'Part Properties' tab. 
12. Set the Bend Allowance Formula to: (Radius+(Thickness*0.04))*rad(Angle) 
13. OK the Sheet Metal Preferences dialog. 
14. Select the 'Flange' command. 
15. Expand the Bend Parameters group of the dialog. 
16. Notice the Neutral Factor field is still set to: 0.3300

Why is the Neutral Factor remaining unchanged in the Flange dialog? 
Shouldn't the Neutral Factor in the Flange dialog be calculated using the Bend 
Definition Method preference, which is set to use the Bend Allowance Formula? 
It seems to only be using the Neutral Factor Value.


 In continuation from the steps above... 
1. Select the 'Flange' command'. 
2. Select an edge of the part and add a flange. 
 Leave the Neutral Factor field in the Flange dialog untouched. 
3. OK the Flange dialog. 
4. In the Part Navigator, highlight the Flange feature, 
 'MouseButton3-->Edit with Rollback'. 
Notice the Neutral Factor is now set appropriately, and has been calculated 
using the Bend Allowance Formula specified in Sheet Metal Preferences.

Because a Bend Allowance Formula is being used, the Neutral Factor field on the 
Flange dialog is not calculated until the dialog is committed by selecting OK 
or APPLY. It is the OK or APPLY of the Flange dialog that calculates the Bend 
Allowance Formula and uses the appropriate Neutral Factor. That is why the 
Neutral Factor field is not seen to be updated on the Flange dialog until 
editing the Flange feature.

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Product: NX
Application: NX_SHEET_METAL
Version: V10.0
Function: FLANGE

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