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How can point XYZ locations be exported to a spreadsheet or a comma delimited 


 To export the X, Y, Z locations of points to a spreadsheet, following these 
1. Hide all the entities except the points that are to be used in the 
2. Select all the points. 
 • Change the Type Filter = Point. 
 • Window or rectangle in all the points to select them all. 
 • NOTE: If the order of the points in the spreadsheet is important, 
 select them in order they should appear. 
3. Select ‘Edit-->Properties’. 
 • Select the ‘General’ tab. 
 • Name = PT. 
 • Toggle on ‘Add Index to Name’. 
 • Starting Index = 1 
 • OK the Point Properties dialog. 
4. [Optional] To see point names: 
 • Select ‘Preferences-->Visualization-->Names/Borders (tab)’. 
 • Show Object Names = Work View. 
 • OK the Visualization Preferences dialog. 
 • The points will now display names: PT1, PT2, PT3, etc. 
5. Open the spreadsheet by selecting ‘Tools-->Spreadsheet’. 
6. In the spreadsheet, highlight cell A1. 
7. In cell A1 enter: PT1 
8. Propagate cell A1 downward. 
 • Select cell A1. 
 • Hold the cursor over cell A1’s lower right hand corner until the cursor 
 turns into a dark cross. 
 • Drag the dark cross cursor downward the number of rows for each point. 
 For example, if there are 100 points, drag it down to cell A100. 
 • The cells will automatically fill in for each point. 
9. Select cells 'B1, C1 and D1'. 
10. Type in the formula: =POINT(A1) 
 • To enter this information into all three cells, on the keyboard use 
 • The XYZ coordinate values will now be in cells B1, C1 and D1. 
11. Highlight cells B1, C1 and D1. 
12. MouseButton3-->Copy. 
13. Highlight the corresponding cells for the remaining points. 
 • For example: B2, C2,D2 through B100, C100, C100. 
14. MouseButton3-->Paste. 
15. Save the Spreadsheet using ‘Save As’ to specify a folder location and 
 name for the spreadsheet. 
 NOTE: In Excel it is possible to save this spreadsheet as a comma 
 delimited file (*.csv) if that is needed. 
16. Exit Excel. 
17. Choose to either save (OK) the data in the spreadsheet, remove (Discard) 
 the data in the spreadsheet. 
18. Now the point labels can be turned back off if desired (from step 4), and 
 the remaining geometry can be shown again to continue working.

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