NX X Get a linear dimensions in drafting to show a 3D distance instead of projected distance.

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Normal dimensions on an NX drawing shows the projected distance between the 2 points being dimensioned. If I want to dimension the actual 3D distance between 2 points in a drawing view, i.e. take the distance in Z-axis in to account, not just the X-Y axis distance, how to accomplish this?


 To convert a linear dimension currently showing the projected distance between 2 points, to show the true distance you can do the following:

- Select the dimension, right click --> Settings
- In the Settings menu to the left select Prefix/Suffix
- In Linear Dimension group, change "True Length Location" from "None" to "Before" OR "After"

This turns on the true length function showing the actual 3D distance in a normal projected drafting view between the selected points. It also enables a prefix (Before) or a suffix (After) which by default states "T.L." (for True Length). It is highly recommended to use such statement in conjunction with a true length dimension, as there is an obvious risk to otherwise misinterpret the drawing.

WARNING: DO NOT use/confuse this type of "Prefix/Suffix" with commonly used 
prefix like "R" for radius or suffix like (2x) for 2 occurrences!

Notes and References

NX Documentation: Design (CAD) --> Drafting --> Drafting user interface and preferences --> 
Drafting Preferences --> Common node --> Prefix/Suffix preferences

Hardware/Software Configuration

Platform: INTL64
OS: windows
OS Version: 1064
Product: NX
Application: DRAFTING
Version: V1899

Ref: 002-7007518

KB Article ID# PL7007518



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