NX X Attribute list not shown in "Visual Report Definition" dialog.

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If NX part have too much attributes then the attributes are not shown in the 
"Visual Report Definition" dialog.


 Steps to reproduce the issue: 
1. Open a file in NX that have lot of attributes. 
2. Click on HD3D Tools from resource bar. 
3. MB3 on Visual Reporting > Activate. 
4. In 'Visual Reporting' gadget select 'Define New Report' icon. 
5. In 'Visual Report Definition' dialog type in 'Report Name' 
6. In 'Report Property' group in 'Source' box select "Part Attribute (Work 
7. Click on the 'Attribute' box. 
The attribute list is not displayed.

This is as designed behavior. You can enlarge the pre-defined threshold number 
to let the attribute list show. You can find the setting in Customer 
defaults->Gateway->User Interface->Options->"Maximum Number of Items to Display 
in the Autocomplete list". 
Set the list to a number which is bigger than number of attributes in the part.

This is for the performance consideration, the autocomplete input box does not 
show the initial list when the list is longer than a pre-defined threshold. You 
can not see the list in NX10 indicates that the list is longer than that 
threshold in NX10 already.

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Hardware/Software Configuration

Platform: all
OS: n/a
OS Version: n/a
Product: NX
Application: GATEWAY
Version: V10.0.2

Ref: 002-7007417

KB Article ID# PL7007417



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