NX X After "Non-proportinal zoom" is set "Pan" does not work correctly.

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After "Non-proportional zoom" is set, when the objects are moved by Pan 
operation in horizontal direction, the objects in the graphics window are moved 
later (delay in the movement of objects). 
The distance actually moved by the object is lesser than the movement of mouse 


 Steps to reproduce the issue: 
1. Create a simple block in NX. 
2. Menu > View > Operation > Set Non-proportional Zoom. 
3. Make the width of object larger so that the objects looks distorted in the 
horizontal direction. 
4. Cancel Non-proportional Zoom. 
5. Menu > View > Operation > Pan. 
6. Move the mouse cursor in horizontal direction. 
The movement of objects by Pan operation is delayed. 
The distance actually moved by the object is lesser than the movement of mouse 

This behavior is a known limitation of Non-proportional Zoom, and it occurs 
because the user has applied extreme distortion. If the user applies more 
moderate distortion, he will find the Pan command easier to use. 
When using the Pan command, the user must move the mouse cursor a certain 
minimum distance in order for Pan to move the view. When the user enables 
Non-proportional Zoom, it affects the minimum distance used by Pan. In this 
test case, the user stretches the horizontal dimension to an extreme degree, so 
the user must move the mouse cursor farther in the horizontal direction in 
order for Pan to start moving the view. 
Note that with the extreme horizontal distortion, Pan starts moving the view 
more promptly if the user moves the mouse cursor in the vertical direction. 
Therefore, if the user actually needs to use this extreme horizontal distortion 
(which seems unlikely), then to get somewhat better behavior when using Pan, he 
can start each mouse cursor gesture with a short movement in the vertical 
direction and can then continue the gesture with movement in the horizontal 
However, the best strategy is to use less extreme distortion.

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Platform: all
OS: n/a
OS Version: n/a
Product: NX
Application: STUDIO_DESIGN
Version: V10.0
Function: ANALYZE

Ref: 002-7007416

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