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The graphics state (zoom, orientation, etc) of part is saved if the part is 
Modeling application. If the part is in Drafting application the graphics state 
of part is not saved.


 The part's preview comes from 3D modeling view. If the part is in Modeling 
application, saving the displayed part, the preview is simply a copy of 
whatever is displayed in the work view in the graphics window with whatever 
orientation and zooming that it is currently showing. 
When there is a drawing displayed, then there can be no 3D modeling view shown. 
This means that the preview for the part cannot be updated. In this case the 
preview image for the displayed drawing sheet will be updated instead. Previews 
for drawing sheets always show the entire sheet independently of whether or not 
one view on that sheet has been expanded to fill the graphics window.

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Product: NX
Application: SYSENG
Version: V10.0
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