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Ug_clone utility import deletes the other CAD Item in the BOM Structure.

Steps to Duplicate: 
1.Create a Structure in Teamcenter as shown below: 
Assy1 Item 
 |Other CAD Item 
 |SubAssy1 Item 
 |Model1 Item 
 |SubAssy2 Item 
 |Model2 Item 
2.Physical Structure of NX Assembly In Local Disk: 
Assy1 Item 
 |SubAssy1 Item 
 |Model1 Item 
 |SubAssy2 Item 
 |Model2 Item

3.Now execute the ug_clone utility to import the assembly into teamcenter. 
4.Ug_clone Utility Removes the Other CAD Item in the Structure.


 To avoid Ug_clone utility import from deleting the other CAD Items in the 
Structure make the below changes:

In the Teamcenter Structure Manager, if you enable the display of the column UG 
GEOMETRY and set the value to NO for the Other CAD Item(Non NX) the structure 
is preserved during ug_clone import operation and thus we can avoid structure 
being overwritten during ug_clone operation for Non NX components.

Notes and References

IR 7471651

Hardware/Software Configuration

Platform: INTEL
OS: windows
OS Version: 764sp1
Product: NX
Application: NXMANAGER
Version: V10.0.1
Function: CLONE

Ref: 002-7007413

KB Article ID# PL7007413



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