NX X Can The File New Units Pull Down Be Edited To Show Additional Units?

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The template (pax) files list English or Metric, so do not explicitly state Inch or Millimeter.  Is it possible to create templates, other than Millimeter or Inches, so that the File New dialog shows units in addition to Millimeters and Inches?


NX uses Metric and English units. The templates (pax files) of the File New dialog define either Metric and/or English units. The units of the Customer Defaults are also set to either English or Metric.

The Customer Defaults does not have an option to set Meters as the initial unit (while Millmeters or Inches can be set), nor is there an option to define Meters for the filter on the File New dialog or use it in the templates.

Having created a millimeter part file, it is possible to change the units of dialogs throughout the session by selecting "Menu --> Tools --> Units Manager" and changing the Preferred Data Entry Units from "Metric - kg/mm/N/deg/C" to "Metric(SI) - kg/m/N/rad/K".

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