NX Fanuc Post to Include the High Precision Contour Control G5.1Q1 and G5.1Q0 Output

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A Fanuc 30i or a Fanuc 30i Advanced post is created in Post Builder . By default this post includes the High Precision Contour Control commands G5.1Q1 and G5.1Q0 . Though these are included they are not actually used. How can these commands be added to the post? The output might look something like the picture below.


Locate the G05.1Q1--------(HPCC_mode_on) block and use the Add Block button to drag the command onto the First Tool and the Auto Tool Change events after the tool change NC code.

Finally, add the G05.1Q0--------(HPCC_mode_off) block to the Auto Tool Change event before the tool change and also to the End of Program event.


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