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Having previously auto-ballooned a view, additional balloons were added manually, selecting the edges of components, however the Parts List callouts are not displayed in the balloons having updated the Part List.


Select File --> Help --> Log File to review the NX Syslog in an Information window.  Select Edit --> Find and enter UGII_UPDATE_ALL_SYMBOLS_WITH_PLIST.

Check to see if the environment variable UGII_UPDATE_ALL_SYMBOLS_WITH_PLIST has been set.  If set to 0 (zero), the balloons will not update. If set to 1, they will update.

Notes and References

Documentation - NX9 Help Library 
CAD --> Drafting --> Tables and Parts List --> Parts Lists

* Parts List Environment Variables


When set to 1, and for any parts list that is updated in NX 2 and beyond, all balloon symbols associated to a component are updated with the value corresponding to the row in the parts list for that component, if one exists.

This is true for all balloon symbols of the type defined in the Symbol option in the Parts List node of the Drafting Preferences dialog box. Setting this variable causes behavior that is consistent with NX 1 parts list behavior.

If this environment variable is set to 0, empty balloon symbols associated to a component will not update with the parts list number for the component.

Hardware/Software Configuration

Platform: INTL64
OS: window
OS Version: 764SP1
Product: NX
Application: DRAFTING
Version: V1847
Function: TABLES

Ref: 002-7007388

KB Article ID# PL7007388



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