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An Assembly can be table driven. The MU's delivered must be in the order and quantities specified in the table. The Source providing the MU's and the Assembly could share the same production table, but the table formats are different.

Customer can create their own Assembly object that will use the Source production table instead of its own assembly table.


An Assembly can be table driven. This table specifies the type, number and order of MU's needed to create the assembly. An Assembly is connected to a Source or Sources. The Source(s) needs to create the MU's in the same type, number and order as specified in the Assembly table.

A Source can also be driven by a Table. But the format for the Source creation table is different than the format of the Assembly table.

The two tables do contain the same information but the columns are ordered differently. To drive an Assembly by the Source creation table (or vice versa) a Method needs to be executed that copies one table into a different table of the required format. 

To make this an object that can be use in any Frame, a Frame is created and an Assembly, Table, Method and Variable are added. The variable will reference the Source table to be copied to the Assembly table. The Assembly will reference the local table and the Method will do the copy.

If the variable is named Assemb_table and the local table is named TableFileObj, the following code will copy the table and assign it to the Assembly.

 -- Copy data to TableFileObject. 
 local rows := Assemb_table.ydim; 
 for local i := 1 to rows loop 
 TableFileObj[1, i] := Assemb_table[3, i]; 
 TableFileObj[2, i] := Assemb_table[2, i]; 

See Assembler object in Base_Objects library in the example model example_assembly_1.spp. This model with libraries can be downloaded at:

Note that an Assembly needs one main part controlling the assembly process. This main part must come from a single connector and is in addition to the MU's needed to be assembled. The remaining parts must come from a different connector.

This restriction requires that one additional MU be supplied and at least two interfaces in the Assembler Frame. Unless, a Method is used to create a copy of the main (first) part and send the all of the MU's to the Assembly via the appropriate connectors.

See Method Assembly_Trigger in the Base_Objects.Assembler object for example logic.

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