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A simple model consisting af a FluidSource, Pipe, and FluidDrain does not simulate fluids flowing when the simulation is started. The clock never advances past 0.


If one creates simple models consisting of:

Source, Pipe, Sink 
Source, Pipe, Tank, Pipe, Sink

The simple fluid simulations do nothing unless an object that consumes time is inserted. 

Without this object, the time never advances past 0:00:00 and a trace shows:

 Init 0.0000 .Models.Frame.EventController 
 StartActions 0.0000 .Models.Frame.FluidSource

The Source, Pipe, Tank, and Sink do not consume time for fluids.

A Source normally produces a widget every X amount of time. The Source in this case consumes time when it creates a widget and logs an event to get rid of its production. Advance the clock to process the event and away the simulation goes.

When simulating liquids, a Source (pump) produces continuously. The choice being an infinite number of events or no events. Infinity is difficult to simulate, so the choice is no events. The same is true for a tank or a pipe.

Adding a Mixer or any other Object that has a processing time will consume time and cause the clock to advance. The fluid simple simulation will run.

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Hardware/Software Configuration

Platform: INTL64
OS: window
OS Version: 764SP1
Version: V13.1.X
Function: ALL

Ref: 002-7007213

KB Article ID# PL7007213



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