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NX has always supported the notion of SMP (Symmetric Multi-processing) on 
systems configured with multi-CPU's.

Historically, such hardware was considered esoteric, requiring a 2nd processor 
to be configured separately on the computers back plane. Such systems did 
exist, but were quite rare as the financial costs exceeded any immediate 
benefit to a typical designer.

However, NX (and earlier versions of Unigraphics) did allow the parasolid 
kernel to execute on up to 2 processors in parallel (aka multi-threading).

Such functionality was enabled by setting UGII_SMP_ENABLE=1 in the 
ugii_env.dat file.

Present Situation:

Today, multi-core, multi-cpu hosts configured with 8 (or even more) processors 
are common. Chip manufacturers such as Intel commonly place 4 (quad) 
processors on a single chip substrate. Configurations such as dual (2) quad 
core (4) = (8) total processors are also common.

Can Parasolid fully utilize these newer configurations?


 YES. Newer versions of Parasolid can utilize multi-CPUS!

Extract from SIEMENS technical bulletin:

“Thread-Safe” Parasolid

Parasolid has extended its support for multi-core processor hardware to enable 
applications based on Parasolid to take full advantage of their significant 
performance advantage over single-core processors. Parasolid V31 is now fully 
thread-safe, enabling applications to have several threads running on 
different processors, with each calling any Parasolid function simultaneously. 

Extract from %UGII_BASE_DIR%\ugii\ugii_env_ug.dat

# This variable enables Symmetric Multi-processing (SMP) on systems 
# with multiple CPU's or that support hyperthreading. Performance will 
# be improved in certain Parasolid operations, such as Mass Properties, 
# Booleans and silhouette generation. This option is only supported on 
# platforms where Parasolid supports multi-threading. 

# Set to 0 to disable SMP 
# Set to 1 to enable SMP 
# Unset will take the Parasolid default 

Extract from .syslog.

If you are unsure which version of Parasolid you are using, search your 
.syslog for the string "parasolid".

Default versions for recent releases of NX.

NX 1847

*** Enabling SMP using 8 threads on 8 processors ***
Parasolid version 31.0 build 203 on 19:45:02 08-08-2018

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Hardware/Software Configuration

Platform: INTEL
OS: window
OS Version: 1064
Product: NX
Application: SYSENG
Version: V1847

Ref: 002-7007043

KB Article ID# PL7007043



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