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Mac OS tends to change the computer name when switching from network access type, e.g. from cabled network card to wireless network card, resulting in a different Composite host ID (CID), leading to an unavailable NX license.


This can be prevented by assigning a fixed computer name in the files :

 Location Filename Value 
 ======== ======== ===== 
 /etc/ hostconfig HOSTNAME = MyNewName 
 /etc/ hosts LOCALHOST MyNewName

The "hostconfig" and "hosts" files are to be found in the hidden folder "/etc", in the Finder --> Go-Go to Folder --> /etc, this will display the folder and its contents.

Note : For a simple Server/Client installation (1 user), the computer name can  be replaced by "", but if a Mac is to be used as license  server for multiple computers, it needs to have a unique name in the 

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Hardware/Software Configuration

Platform: MAC
OS: mac
OS Version: 10.10
Product: NX
Application: PLATFORMS
Version: V10.0
Function: FLEXLM

Ref: 002-7006973

KB Article ID# PL7006973



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