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New templates for the File-New dialog have been created for a mixed Windows-Mac OS environment. The same templates are located on a Windows computer and are to be used in both systems.


 The mixed Windows/Mac OS X environment works, all the templates are located in a directory on a Windows system (including the "new" tab and "new" files).

On the iMac/MacBook Pro, move the "templates" directory to another location, then edit the /Applications/UGS/NX10/ugii/ugii_env.dat file and add :


(The actual Mac OS X path is :


Note : If a /Users/<UserName>/ugii_env.dat file exists, change it here.

When starting NX10 and using File-New, the new tab and templates are visible.

So now the NX10 template files on the Windows machine are used both for Windows-NX10 and for Mac OS X-NX10

P.S. After restarting the iMac and directly starting NX10, the File-New dialog only shows 2 tabs and blank templates. When closing NX, go to the templates directory (in the Finder) and then restarting NX again, the File-New dialog shows all the tabs and templates correctly. 
Mac OS X needs to verify the path to make it available for the applications.

Notes and References

Hardware/Software Configuration

Platform: MAC
OS: mac
OS Version: 10.10
Product: NX
Application: GATEWAY
Version: V10.0
Function: BLANK_UI

Ref: 002-7006972

KB Article ID# PL7006972



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