Siemens PLM Licensing Network domain changes - will that impact the licensing relationship?

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Network domain changes - will that impact the licensing relationship?
This question is answered particularly in light of a change with the Fully Qualified Domain Name (FQDN).


(1) NX licensing and the COMPOSITE hostid: 
      a. The COMPOSITE hostid consists of many things both hardware and 
              software/OS wise. 
      b. Two of those items for sure are; 
          i. Physical address of the network card the COMPOSITE hostid is 
                associated with. There can be more than 1 network card and 
                therefore more than 1 COMPOSITE hostid. 
          ii. The hostname (in general terms).

(2) TCP/IP 
      For FLEXlm licensing to work, the TCP/IP relationship (port/socket, 
          hostname resolution) between the FLEXlm license server and FLEXlm clients
          is a necessary prerequisite.

(3) Fully Qualified Domain Name (FQDM) for licensing - OBSERVATIONS ONLY 
     a. A handful of customers do not use the short hostname but instead a 
           FQDM for identifying the license server "hostname" in the licensing configuration.
     b. License Server example;

         License file on license server - SERVER line

         Instead of (which is most common); 
         SERVER shorthostname COMPOSITE=XXXXXXXXXXXX 28000

         The SERVER line might look like; 

      c. In conjunction with the above, client machines might have the following 
             System variable SPLM_LICENSE_SERVER defined as follows:

          Instead of (which is most common); 

          The license server identifying variable might look like; 

(4) General answer to the original question: 
     IF item (3) represents your situation, then you WOULD have to adjust 
     the licensing identification on the license server (on the SERVER line 
     in the license file)  and SPLM_LICENSE_SERVER variable value on each NX client 
     to successfully reflect the domain change accordingly.

     Otherwise, if the short hostname was used, there shouldn't be any 
     adjustments necessary (assuming all other network - TCP/IP 
     identification between the clients and license server machine remain 
     intact following the domain change).

Hardware/Software Configuration

Platform: INTL64
OS: windows
OS Version: 2019
Product: NX
Application: SYSTEM
Version: V1953

Ref: 002-8523957

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