NX X Some NX Parts Are Not Creating JT's With Save JT Data Enabled

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Having set the Save Option "Save JT Data", some part files are not saving corresponding JT's when saved, even though they contain a valid Solid Body.


One possible cause is that the Solid Body was added to a Reference Set that is not defined as a Model Reference Set in the Customer Defaults. With the part file open in NX, select "Format --> Reference Sets..." and review the list of Reference Sets.  Select each one to see its corresponding geometry highlight in the part (except Empty and Entire Part).  Once the body highlights you have found the Model Reference Set for this part.  Now you need to compare it to what is currently set in the Customer Defaults:

    File --> Utilities --> Customer Defaults --> Assemblies --> Site Standards

Select the Reference Sets tab and see what is defined as the Name for the "Model Reference Set", and then see if any Names are listed within the "Additional Model Reference Sets". These are the Reference Sets that are used when creating the JT's. If they are different to the ones found in the Reference Sets dialog then no JT's will be created.

Note each time a JT is created that it is appended with the name of the Reference Set that contained the body. Thus, the body of a JT created from the MODEL Reference Set would become 1234_MODEL.JT and the body of a JT created from the PART Reference set would become 1234_PART.JT.

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Hardware/Software Configuration

Platform: INTL64
OS: window
OS Version: 764SP1
Product: NX
Application: TRANSLATOR
Version: V1847
Function: NX_JT

Ref: 002-7006787

KB Article ID# PL7006787



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