NX X How to improve time performance with Edit Levels in Parts List

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When performing Edit Levels on an existing Parts List created for assembly with large listing of components, the action of deselecting components is very slow. Is there a way to improve time performance?


(1) Select Parts List > MB3 > Settings : check ‘Automatic Update’ toggle setting to OFF. 

(2) Perform 'Edit Levels' and expand all component and select only the needed components to be included in the parts list. The parts list does not automatically update at this point, which was the cause of slow performance.

(3) Close the ‘Edit Levels’ dialog.

(4) Select Parts List > MB3 > ‘Update Parts list’ to reflect the selections made in step (2).

Notes and References

Hardware/Software Configuration

Platform: INTL64
OS: window
OS Version: 764SP1
Product: NX
Application: DRAFTING
Version: V11.0.2
Function: TABLES

Ref: 002-7006772

KB Article ID# PL7006772



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