NX X The property "Display Object Color" does not change for sketch.

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Are working in a sketch and want to change color on one of the lines.
- Right mouse button --> Edit Display on the line in the active sketch and change its color, after OK
the message occurs:

Clicks "Yes" and the line I changed color on get its new color.

Creates a new sketch and after a while want to change color on an arc. After defining a new color, the message above occurs again. Didn't I turn on "Display Object Color" before by answering "Yes" while working the previous sketch?


 When you click "Yes" on the message,
The sketch setting 'Display Object Color' is turned off.
Do you want to turn this setting on so that the object colors will be displayed?
you activated "Display Object Color" for that particular sketch, NOT for the entire part file.

The Sketch Preferences menu, File --> Preferences --> Sketch, Sketch Settings tab, "Display Object Color" on/off toggle, reflect the preference for this parameter in the part file in general.

This preference will be used for any new sketch being created.

Existing sketches each one have their own set of preferences, which at the time of creation is a copy of the part file Sketch Preferences, but then can divert, for instance when clicking "Yes" on the "Display Object Color" question received, while modifying the color. 
You can access a particular sketch's preferences in the sketch task environment, (not in the direct sketch environment), while editing the sketch through Menu --> Task --> Sketch Settings, "Display Object Color" on/off toggle.

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Hardware/Software Configuration

Platform: INTL64
OS: windows
OS Version: 1064
Product: NX
Application: DESIGN
Version: V1899
Function: SKETCHER

Ref: 002-7006660

KB Article ID# PL7006660



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