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Starting in NX 10.0 it's possible to use special characters in folder and file 
names. This seems to work fine, but not when double clicking a part in the 
Windows Explorer. 
Opening the part from within NX works fine. You can drag and drop the file from 
the windows explorer into NX, and this will also work fine.

But when double clicking the file itself it shows an error: 
Router Error 
The following error occurred:

 D:\Temp\NX 10.0\abcìßçöøïé.prt - Failed 
to get directory from file name 


This rare case is caused by the installation of a previous version of NX (NX 
9.0 or earlier) after you have already installed NX 10.0 (or later).

What happens is that NX 9.0 is associated to the .prt files, and therefore the 
UGS_Router of NX 9.0 is used which cannot cope with special characters.

In order to check and resolve this you can do the following: 
Open a command Prompt: 
Type in here: assoc .prt 
Normally you should get back the following response: .prt=UGpartfile

Next give in: ftype UGpartfile

If all is OK, you should get something like: 
UGpartfile="C:\Program Files\Siemens\NX 10.0\UGII\ugs_router.exe" -ug 
-use_file_dir "%1"

But in case you have installed i.e. NX 9.0 after NX 10.0, you will get: 
UGpartfile="C:\Program Files\Siemens\NX 9.0\UGII\ugs_router.exe" -ug 
-use_file_dir "%1"

This means that the ugs_router.exe from NX 9.0. is used and not the proper NX 
10.0 version.

In order to fix this: 
Type in the command prompt the following: 
ftype UGpartfile="C:\Program Files\Siemens\NX 10.0\UGII\ugs_router.exe" -ug 
-use_file_dir "%1"

Please make sure, you have your own NX installation location as this may differ 
for your personal installation. 
Or to make sure you will have set this correct. close the general command 
prompt, go to windows Start --> Siemens NX 10.0 --> NX Tools --> Command 
prompt, Now the UGII_BASE_DIR is set to the NX 10.0 folder and type in here: 

ftype UGpartfile="%UGII_BASE_DIR%\UGII\ugs_router.exe" -ug -use_file_dir "%1"

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IR/PR 8253663

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Product: NX
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Version: V10.0

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