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When a user needs to edit the text of a cell in a title block, the table containing the cell must first be removed from the title block.

When it cannot be removed, what is happening, and how can this be resolved?


NX title blocks that contain only one tabular note are not editable. They must contain more than one tabular note.  The 'trick' is to temporarily add a blank tabular note to the title block definition as follows:

1. Insert a blank tabular note on the drawing near the title block. 
2. Select the title block, MB3 and choose 'Edit Definition'. 
3. Select the blank tabular note to add it to the title block definition. 
4. Deselect the existing title block to remove it from the definition. 
5. The cell text is now editable. Make the desired changes. 
6. Edit the title block definition again. 
7. Add the original title block to the definition, then remove the blank tabular note from the definition.

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Platform: all
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Product: NX
Application: DRAFTING
Version: V1855

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