Tecnomatix TxConvert2co and TxNX2cojt fail when translating NX part file.

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TxConvert2co and TxNX2cojt execute, and convert the part file to JT. The conversion then fails when trying to translate the JT file to CO or COJT format.


TxConvert2co and TxNX2cojt call the NX program ugtopv to export the NX part in JT format. This utility can export the JT file in various formats. Output of JT file format V10 was recently added to ugtopv.

TxConvert2co and TxNX2cojt support up to JT V9.5. Hence they cannot convert JT V10 files.

The JT file format can be specified in a tess.config file with:

JtFileFormat = "95"

The user should add or modify the JtFileFormat line in the tess.config file used for translation.

TxConvert2co and TxNX2cojt search for a tess.config file in the following order:

The preferred file to use is '$CADTranslators\dat\TxUG2co.config'. Where $CADTranslators is the install point for CADTranslators.

If '$CADTranslators\dat\TxUG2co.config' does not exist, the file specified by the environment variable UGII_PV_TESS_CONFIG_FILE will be used. 

If UGII_PV_TESS_CONFIG_FILE does not exist then the file UGII_BASE_DIR\PVTRANS\tessUG.config will be used. Where UGII_BASE_DIR is an environment variable specifying the install point of NX.

Last, the user's home folder is checked for tessUG.config. 

If none of the above files exist, the user should create one in '$CADTranslators\dat\TxUG2co.config'.

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Platform: INTL64
OS: window
OS Version: 8.132
Version: V13.1.X
Function: CAD

Ref: 002-7005652

KB Article ID# PL7005652



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