NX X Base View Layers are Different in NX9 (and later) than in NX8.5

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In NX8.5, creating base views used the work layer for new entities.  In NX9 (and later) layer 1 is used.


When a drawing view is created, the drafting objects such as extracted curves etc. are created in the same layer as the original solid body.  This is how it works in all the NX releases.  The difference between NX8.5 and NX9 is because the drawing views created in NX9 with out-of-the-box (OOTB) defaults are different from the ones created before. 

Siemens has introduced a new architecture for drawing view creation in NX8.5 and the views based on this new architecture use the OOTB default for NX9.  The views created in NX9 with the OOTB settings are of type "Exact" whereas the ones created before were of type "Exact (Pre-NX8.5)". 

With Exact (Pre-NX8.5) views, lines are created for extracted edge views in the same layer as the original solid body. With the Exact views, a new object called "Drafting Body" is created for each solid body in the same layer as the original solid body.

Please read the documentation for benefits of Exact views over "Exact (Pre-NX8.5)".  If you decide to stay with "Exact (Pre-NX 8.5)", change the OOTB settings to create "Exact (Pre-NX8.5)" views instead of Exact views.  This is found in the Customer Defaults within the Drafting Standard you are using.

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