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When exporting a dxf file from NX, the resultant colors in the dxf file do not match the NX colors.


There are 2 solutions to this issue:

1. Change the color of the drawing entities to the desired AutoCAD color using View --> Style --> Visible Lines --> color.

2. Create a color mapping file, which specifies the NX color number and the desired AutoCAD color number.

The format of the color mapping file is as follows. This is a text file.  The following line specifies that the NX color 135 (Strong Steel) will be mapped to AutoCAD color 1 (Red). Add additional lines as necessary.

export : 135 = 1 !Strong Steel to red 

!Color mapping files have the same format as for line fonts. The mapping group 
!has the color mappings you can use in place of the standard color mapping 
!(using !true for export only. If the same is required for import too, you need 
!to add an additional line. 

! export : 11 = 2 ! NX Orange (11) maps to ACAD yellow (2). 

! import : 11 = 2" ! ACAD 11 (Variant of Red) maps to NX 2 (Green) 

!You can find the standard AutoCAD color table definition at the AutoDESK 

In the dxfdwg.def file, found in the UGII/dxfdwg folder, add a line to the file as follows:

 COLOR_MAPPING_FILENAME = (path and name of the color mapping file)

When running the export dxf utility, make certain that in the Load Settings section of the dialog that the modified dxfdwg.def file is specified.

When exported, the dxf file will now have the desired AutoCAD colors.

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