NX X How do you fix missing visible edges in assembly drawing views or creating section view.

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If you are unable to create section view or experience missing edges in a drafting view, either silhouettes, smooth edges, or visible edges, how do you fix this problem? The problem could happen to any part that has self-intersection geometry, which is found by Examine Geometry. 


 If the part fails Examine Geometry with Self-Intersection geometry, Tiny and Misaligned objects, Spikes/Cuts, Consistency and Face Intersections, there are several workarounds that you can try:

1. If the part was created in NX, then you would need to focus on fixing the features that cause the self-intersection geometry or other failures reported from the Highlight Results of Examine Geometry.

2. If the part is an un-parameterized body, then you can use Optimize Face, (since this operation would remove parameters from the part).
 Go to Modeling and locate the component whose edges are not visible in
 your assembly drawing and set it as Work Part and Displayed Part.

 a) In Modeling go to menu Insert -> Synchronous Modeling -> Optimize ->
 Optimize Face

 b) Select all the entities by Ctrl A.

 c) OK -> you should see this dialog:
-> Click Yes to Optimize the Faces and correct the geometry. 
d) Go To Drafting and create base view or section view or update existing 

3) Heal Geometry:
  a) Go to Modeling and locate the component whose edges are not visible in 
 Assembly and set it as Work Part and Displayed Part. 

 b) Go To Menu File -> Export -> Heal Geometry. Perform Heal Geometry 
 operation and save the healed Part. Please ensure the model geometry has 
 not been changed. 

 c) Make parent assembly as Work Part and Displayed Part. 

 d) Go to Assembly Navigator and use Replace Component Tool to replace 
 original component with Healed Component.

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