NX X Sketch will not Extrude into a solid body

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When a curve, or set of curves, is Extruded using the option 'Body Type = 
Solid', the result is a sheet body. The curve(s) seem to form a closed loop. 
Why is the Extrude feature creating a sheet body instead of a solid body?


 There could be a gap in the section of curves that prevents it from being 
considered a closed loop. 
To locate the gap in the section being Extruded, follow these instructions: 
1. In the Part Navigator, select the 'Extrude' feature. 
2. MouseButton3-->Edit with Rollback. 
 NOTE: Do not use 'MouseButton3-->Edit Parameters'. This option will not 
 show the information needed. 
3. While in the 'Edit with Rollback' state, view the section being Extruded. 
4. Any gaps in the section will be marked with a large asterisk (*) at the 
 endpoint of the curve. Modify the section of curves to close all gaps 
 in the locations indicated by the asterisks. 
 NOTE: A complete closed Extrude section will be free from asterisks.

Once the Extrude section is free from asterisks, it should form a solid body.

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Platform: all
OS: n/a
OS Version: n/a
Product: NX
Application: DESIGN
Version: V7.5.5

Ref: 002-7004921

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