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What is the KRX configuration file in Reuse Library Management and what order 
does NX read the file if you have it in multiple locations?


 The configuraion file, or KRX file, is required for creating the Reuse Library. 
The KRX file controls the settings in Reuse Library Management.

The out-of-the-box KRX file is in 

...\NXPARTS\Reuse Library\Configure\ReuseLibraryConfiguration.krx 

which is the default library provided in the NX release.

The order the configuration file is read is:

1. The specified file in Customer Defaults from Gateway --> Reuse Library 
 --> General --> Reuse Library Configuration File. 

2. The default folder (user's profile) :


3. The out-of-the-box file: 
...\NXPARTS\Reuse Library\Configure\ReuseLibraryConfiguration.krx

Reuse Library Management can load krx file as well. The purpose is to import 
the previous settings or from other user's configuration.

In NX --> Tools --> Reuse Library --> Reuse Library Management --> Load 
Configuration File .

User can use the Reuse Library Management dialog to create their own
configuration file then customize it later.
After OK'ing the dialog, then go to the system folder  (user's profile folder) to find it. 


After the user uses the command Reuse Library Management, it will save all the 
library settings into ReuseLibraryConfiguration.krx in the default folder (same 
as customized customer defaults file). When user runs NX the next time, Reuse 
Library will read that file and show the libraries.

You can access Reuse Library Management from Tools --> Reuse Library --> 
Reuse Library Management --> Select any library --> MB3 --> Application Task to 
turn on the applications you want --> Close --> OK.

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