Simcenter 3D Solutions How to Edit Nodal Connectivity for Node to Node 1D Connections

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If a node to node 1D connection is created and it is desired to edit the node 

connectivity, using RMB--> Selection on that connection will not display the 

edit option on the contextual menu.


The Point to Edge, Point to Face, Edge to Face and Point to Point 1D Connections 

can be edited by using RMB on the element and choosing the Edit option 

in the contextual menu, but no edit option displays in the contextual menu for the 

Node to Node 1D Connection.  However, the node connectivity of the Node to Node 

1D connection, Such as an RBE2/RBE3 element, can be changed with 

Home tab -> Element Group -> Connectivity (Menu -> Edit -> Element -> Modify Connectivity). 

The procedure is as follows:

 1. Make the FEM the Displayed part if needed and select Edit -> Element -> Modify Connectivity.

 2. While in the Element Modify Connectivity dialog,

    a) Set the type to Single Element.

    b) Select the Node to Node 1D connection element.

    c) Set either Replace Node or Modify Leg Nodes.

    d1) For Modify Leg Nodes, select new nodes to add to the element or use Shift-Select to

        deselect nodes and remove them from the  element.

    d2) For Type = Replace node, First select the node to be replaced.   Select the Replacement

          Node button, then select the node that will be the replacement node.  E) Optionally check the Delete

          Orphan Nodes that are not attached to other object.

F) Then select OK or Apply as needed.


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