NX X How to create a Diameter dimension with angled extension lines

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Sometimes it is necessary to create a diameter dimension with angled 
extensions lines in order to clear other local dimensions. NX does not 
currently offer a direct way to accomplish this for diameter dimensions.


 In the Dimension Style dialog you will find the Line/Arrow tab, "F" field.

The parameter "F" controls the Extension line angle. Unfortunately this angle 
only applies to Vertical and Horizontal dimensions.

This means that it will not change the extension line angle for a Diameter 
dimension. Therefor the solution is to create the dimension as a vertical or 
horizontal dimension and use a "DIA" callout or diameter symbol in the 
appended text fields, while setting the required value for F in the Dimension 
Style dialog for that dimension.

To access the Dimension Style dialog while creating the dimension select the 
attachment points for the vertical or horizontal dimension and before placing 
it use MB3 --> Style and then select the Line/Arrow tab to set the "F" angle.

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