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A component disappears when showing an explosion and re-appears when hiding the explosion. The component was not explicitly hidden from the explosion and it remains visible in the Assembly Navigator (ANT) with a red check in the checkbox.


Select "Information --> Assemblies --> Explosion" to list the components to review their coordinate values in case the missing component was positioned outside the max fit tolerance. The information window will also list the arrangement assocated with the explosion.

Another example could be the case where the explosion is associated with a different arrangement than the one currently displayed and the missing component has been suppressed in the arrangement associated with the explosion.

Notes and References

Changing arrangements with an explosion displays raises the message: 

    Set Assembly Arrangement 
    An explosion is displayed in the work view. 
    Changing to the chosen arrangement will not affect the explosion. 

The component that is suppressed in the arrangement where the explosion is created is hidden from the display but the ANT shows it as checked. Hiding/Showing the explosion does not display a similar message.

Information on the component does not report that it is hidden/suppressed.

Information on the explosion reports:

    Explosion nameExplosion 1 
    Used in view EXPLOSION


    Component NameBLOCK

    Delta X=0.000000000 
    Delta Y=0.000000000 
    Delta Z=0.000000000

    This explosion is based upon assembly arrangement Arrangement 2.

So the last line in the report is the only clue to the component being hidden.

Hardware/Software Configuration

Platform: INTL64
OS: window
OS Version: 764SP1
Product: NX
Application: ASSEMBLIES
Version: V1847

Ref: 002-7004592

KB Article ID# PL7004592



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