NX X File --> New raises the error: "Unable to load preferences values files"

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Creating a new part file raises the message: "Unable to load preferences values files".


One possible cause of this warning message is because NX is unable to find the Drafting Standards file specified in the Customer Defaults.

Having reproduced the error, select "File --> Help --> Log File" and search the log file for "Processing drafting standard file". The log file will report something similar to:

Unable to load drafting standard nx_custom at the 1 level

This means that the OOTB Drafting Standards has been edited at the "SITE" level in the Customer Defaults. Having made the modifications, Save As was selected and the name "nx_custom" was entered.

Since NX cannot load the custom drafting standards file there are a couple of possible causes:

1) The file was deleted.

Look for a file in $UGII_SITE_DIR/startup called nx_nx_custom_Drafting_Standard_site.dpv, where the "nx_custom" part of the filename is the custom name you entered for your edited Drafting Standards file. If it does not exist look in $UGII_USER_DIR/startup or your local NX defaults directory in case you forgot to copy it to the site startup directory.

2) The drafting standards file name was edited.

It is possible that having given your custom Drafting Standards a name that the filename did not look correct, such as double underscores or nx_nx_custom_Drafting_Standards_site.dpv and was edited using the OS. Use the log file to determine the correct filename NX is looking for. For example, if the log reads: "Unable to load drafting standard nx_custom at the 1 level", the filename should read "nx_nx_custom_Drafting_Standard_site.dpv" or "nx_nx_custom_Drafting_Standard_user.dpv".

Notes and References

Hardware/Software Configuration

Platform: INTL64
OS: window
OS Version: 764SP1
Product: NX
Application: GATEWAY
Version: V1859

Ref: 002-7004587

KB Article ID# PL7004587



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